I’ve worked in this industry long enough to know there are no absolute truths when it comes to financial and estate planning. “Every wealthy family is wealthy in its own way,” as Tolstoy might write, and only through collaborative inquiry can your family’s truths be revealed. Over the decades, I’ve curated this library of thought-provokers and conversation-starters to help guide that inquiry. Run your fingers over their spines, pick whichever sparks your interest, and begin.

Blueprinting the Collection



3 Mindfulness Exercises

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Resilient Family Capital

Excellent resource on communication and resilience within a family.   Request Book Buy Book



This is the classic around enjoying the journey and not just the destination.   Buy Book


The Middle Way

Lessons I’ve learned from 30 years of serving and observing families and how they interact with financial wealth.   DOWNLOAD NOW


The Power of One Man’s Vision

Not many people know who Captain William (Bill) Gary, USMCR (Ret) was. But his death in January of 2014 gave me pause to think about the impact his vision has had on me. Captain Gary was the driving force in founding the Marine Military Academy (MMA) in 1965. He had a vision of providing young … Continued


The Ritual of the 1040 Foundation

Philanthropy should be centered around a family, its members, and their goals for themselves and the larger world. Philanthropy should be about what you give for rather than whom you give to. For many people, the question of “What do you care about?” can be challenging, so it is important that your advisors provide help, … Continued


The Living Company

The same strategies that 300+ year old companies use will work for multi-generational families as well.   Buy Book


The Role of the Advisor and the Experience You Should Expect

Full disclosure – I am an advisor I have a business degree from Wharton, a law degree from Seton Hall, the chartered life underwriter (CLU) designation, and I am an accredited estate planner (AEP). However, none of these reflect the nature of the work I believe my clients find valuable. As I explain later, my … Continued


Humility is the New Smart

With the rise of of Smart Machines (look in your own pocket) we need to focus on ‘human only’ skills. This book provides excellent insights on thriving in the current environment.   Buy Book