I’ve worked in this industry long enough to know there are no absolute truths when it comes to financial and estate planning. “Every wealthy family is wealthy in its own way,” as Tolstoy might write, and only through collaborative inquiry can your family’s truths be revealed. Over the decades, I’ve curated this library of thought-provokers and conversation-starters to help guide that inquiry. Run your fingers over their spines, pick whichever sparks your interest, and begin.

Cycle of the Gift

This is best explanation of what gifts and gifting should and should not be about.   Buy Book


Happiness & Satisfaction Project

You Can Have This! In all of the studies of happiness, one quality consistently rises to the top: relationships. For the surest path to happiness, take care of your relationships, and included the difficult ones. Consider how each of the following seven secrets is working in your life. You may be a happy wealthy person, … Continued


How Much Is Enough?

Defining the “right” inheritance through a four-step process Clients regularly confront wealth planning professionals with the question, “How much is enough to leave my children?” Download Full Article


Generational Wealth Planning

Wealth + Wisdom = Opportunity Download Workbook


The FIVE Capitals of Family Wealth

For many years I’ve spoken about the concept of The Four Capitals of Family Wealth, which I learned from my friend Jay Hughes. Over the last 3 to 4 years the idea has expanded to The Five Capitals, again after being in conversation with Jay Hughes. These five look like this: Human Capital – This … Continued


The Family Governance Table & Chairs: Function Driving Form

There are a large number of books and sources on the structure of family governance. Several have been listed at the end of this paper. For the greatest part, all deal with structure and form. Family Councils, Family Boards, Boards of Advisors etc… are common topics. Our purpose is to look at function in light … Continued


Dysfunctional Cycles in Conflict Management

Identifying Dysfunctional Cycles in Conflict Management Rare is the family who adopts a healthy paradigm f or conflict management.Instead, most family members learn “strategies” that have been passed down to them from parents who also lacked healthy paradigms for conflict management. As a result, family members use a range of strategies that are not constructive, … Continued


Saying Good Bye Ritual

The Power of Family Rituals Over the years I’ve had numerous conversations about the benefits of family rituals. This one in particular has been very helpful. Saying Goodbye This first ritual is one very personal to me. It is based on helping with the mourning process when someone passes away but can be used in … Continued