What is wealth? The answer might surprise you. ‘Wealth’ derives from the Old English ‘weal,’ which signified the well-being that results from health, happiness, and good fortune. Economic assets, crucially, played only a part in attaining true wealth. Over the centuries, the meaning of the word shifted, and when it did, we lost a piece of wisdom from our ancestors.

Wealth, when thought about broadly, can once again be a means to your family’s happiness and satisfaction for generations to come. As the steward of your family’s wealth, this can be a heavy burden to bear, and it’s no surprise that many in your place opt to keep the bulk of their wealth under lock and key. Yet those preservationist instincts can breed resentment among other family members, who would prefer to see that wealth flow into the world to build more wealth.

Why not bring both sides to the table and determine how to preserve financial capital WHILE using it to build better lives and a better world? Why not share the burden of decision making and unite behind a new vision for your wealth? This isn’t optimism run amok. It is possible, and it would be my great pleasure to serve you and your family as guide and counsel.