I help families find clarity on the “why” of their wealth—the ends they want their assets to be a means to—in order to map out their multi-generational wealth plan. With the right vision and mindset, your family can be brought closer together as you preserve and deploy your wealth in ways that increase everyone’s health, happiness, and satisfaction.

To see why this is so critical, we must first consider the alternative to clarity and alignment.



The Potential Toxicity of Generational Wealth

It seems counterintuitive, but as your family’s financial wealth increases, you may begin to feel more financial stress. The greater your financial capacity, the more choices there are in all aspects of your life, and every new choice incurs the possibility of familial disagreement. You want to see your children and grandchildren live meaningful, happy, and abundant lives, and you worry about fostering their entitlement. You hope they’ll build on the fruits of your labor, and you fear they’ll only squander it away on wasteful lives of self-destruction. 

Most children are offended by these concerns, resulting in adversarial relationships when it comes to money, even while they continue to measure your love by financial transfers. And though you may indeed want these financial transfers to be an expression of your love, we often attach all sorts of expectations to these “gifts,” which can make our children feel both resentful and, when they fail to measure up, guilty. These negative interactions and emotions flow up and down the generational ladder, becoming more and more toxic over the years.

There is a way to avoid the toxicity. A way that transforms your wealth into a powerful tool that supports healthy, productive, meaningful and, most importantly, happy lives and lifestyles. Like the alchemists of antiquity, I focus on this process of transformation. The key is finding balance:

  1. Financial capital should be preserved and used to advance your lives
  2. Assets should be prepared for heirs and heirs should be prepared to receive them

Our Services (the Simple Version)

There is an art to uncovering the aspirations and values of each family member and creating alignment around the family’s shared aspirations and values. And there is a science around connecting those aspirations and values with tax, legal, investment, and insurance strategies, using the most sophisticated tools of the trade. I have honed my craft and knowledge in order to make the process straightforward, practical, and easy-to-implement.

This discovery process yields stunning results, helping clients achieve their most deeply felt goals while empowering future generations to achieve greatness.


  • Alignment Assessment
  • Wealth Plan Map
  • Wealth Stewardship for Future Generations
  • Empowered Philanthropy
  • Purpose-Driven Estate / Legacy Plans
  • Legacy Trust Design
  • Family Communication Strategy
  • Family Resource Center
  • Family Gathering Facilitation


  • Fiduciary Trust Review and Analysis
  • Life Insurance Portfolio Management and Consulting

I know the services I provide can seem a bit opaque, so I would love the opportunity to talk with you about your family and how I can help facilitate their happiness and satisfaction.