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When does Your Education End

I was talking with a friend the other day and he commented ‘My children have their education.’ I asked what he meant and he replied that both his sons had graduated from college and professional schools and were educated for the work force. This is what prompted me to delve into this topic. Politics aside, in his book ‘Breakout’ Newt Gingrich makes the point that what the future requires is a work force dedicated to lifelong learning. Learning today, at even the highest levels, is virtually free because of the internet. You can go online to learn anything from languages to mathematics to philosophy to how to win at poker. Lifelong learning is how we keep up with the innovations that change the world. Not to over simplify, but imagine how much less pain there would have been for workers who lost their jobs due to technology if their employers had fostered a culture of ongoing learning.

Many families state that education is a core value or principle. I think a deeper statement around education is necessary. The entrepreneurial spirit today and in the future can only be kept alive by a commitment within a family to lifelong learning.

Check your own ‘learning.’ For the month of April either daily or weekly, ask yourself ‘What did I learn new today (or this week)?’

Planning Pointer: Talk with your family about what education means to them. If you have a family mission statement that highlights education make sure it really articulates what your family views as valuable education and learning. Last, think about how long-term learning is represented in your planning documents that will affect your grandchildren and beyond.



When does Your Education End