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What’s Your Problem Today? (November 28, 2016)

I recently spent time with my friend Johnny Ussery. John is a realtor in South Carolina and a pancreatic cancer survivor. He tells his story with calm and aplomb, even when describing the darkest of moments. He also makes the important point that every day is a gift and that those of us who have a place to live, food to eat and access to quality health care have few if any true problems. He wakes up and appreciates the gift of everyday, whether it hot or cold, rainy or sunny, humid or dry etc. It is hard to convey the extreme sense of gratitude for life and all its wonders he has found on the far side of his cancer journey. I’m hoping I can convince him to record it as we could all benefit from the reminder that life is truly a gift.

The next time something like a bird droppings on your car aggravates you be sure to also feel grateful that you are alive to see it and think about all that life really is. Here is a link to a video that captures the ideas of each day as a gift.

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What’s Your Problem Today? (November 28, 2016)