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We are all Pilgrims (September 19, 2016)

“The Innkeeper and Host, said to the pilgrims traveling to Canterbury
“It’s that you each, to shorten the long journey,
Shall tell two tales en route to Canterbury…””

Geoffrey Chaucer, General Prologue to The Canterbury Tales

Pilgrimages have been part of our daily lives (the annual pilgrimage to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving) for many years. Most spiritual traditions have a pilgrimage component as well. A visit to The Western Wall, The Hajj, walking the Camino de Santiago, The Journey to Canterbury and The Via Francigena are a few examples. They have two things in common; fellowship and a journey. They are about being with other people on a shared journey. About telling stories, listening to stories and learning from the stories.

Successful families recognize they also are pilgrims on a journey. A journey to live in harmony with each other, the world and their financial assets across the generations. Enjoying the journey means learning about each other and appreciating the shared similarities and the unique individual differences. It means inviting others (advisors) to share parts of the journey. None of this will happen by accident. The family needs a plan that can be a guide/map for the journey. A plan that addresses communication, vision and actions. A plan that is flexible and organic, able to change as the pilgrims change and grow. A plan that will help when obstacles arise. A plan that is realistic and sustainable. A plan that includes the importance of individual and shared stories.

How is the journey progressing for your family?

If you would like to talk about how this type of plan is developed, implemented and maintained let us know. We’d love to talk with you.

You can read about New York Times writer Katherine Sharpe’s experience on the Via Francigena HERE.

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We are all Pilgrims (September 19, 2016)