At the Alchemia Group we are helping our clients think & act differently in regards to their wealth and its impact on thier family - because we know it is more than just numbers and plans, it's the Balance of Art & Science with Pragmatism and Vision.

‘This is it’

Apple has a new television and print ad campaign that made me pause. I believe they have captured the essence of what ‘work’ should produce, whether it is an iPhone or a Family Wealth Plan. Both wealth owners and advisors should find some inspiration in the words. For a wealth owner, this could describe how you feel about what your advisors ‘build and implement’ for you and your family. As an advisor, this could describe your ‘craft’ at its’ deepest level. If this much attention to ‘craft’ and impact goes into the iPod/iPhone/iPad/iWhatever why shouldn’t it go into the plans we make for the coming generations?

This is it.
This is what matters.
The experience of a product.
How it makes someone feel.
Then you start by imagining
What that might be like,
You step back.
You think.

Who will it help?
Will it make life better?
If you are busy making everything,
How can you perfect anything?

We don’t believe in coincidence.
Or dumb luck.
There are a thousand ‘no’s’
For every ‘yes’.
We spend a lot of time
On a few great things.
Until every idea we touch
Enhances each life it touches.

We’re engineers and artists.
Craftsmen and inventors.
We sign our work.
You may rarely look at it.
But you’ll always feel it.
This is our signature.
And it means everything.



‘This is it’