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The Wonder of Non-digital Social Interaction – The September Family Ritual (Oct 4, 2016)

I’m a little late with this! I recently had the great pleasure to visit Liberty Puzzles in Boulder ( Their wooden jigsaw puzzles are works of art with very unusual pieces and themes. Besides the 1,200 ‘stock’ templates they can create a custom puzzle based on an image you upload to their site.

What does this have to do with families? The owner commented to me that putting together a jigsaw puzzle is one of the last opportunities for a family to have a ’non-digital social interaction.’ The idea hit me that if a family agreed to one evening a month of two hours of being disconnected from all electronics and did a puzzle, played a game etc. it would be an opportunity to ‘be with each other’ and have some real conversations. Without digital interference!

If you couple the puzzle’s theme with a question or two you will double the enjoyment. For example, if you do a world map puzzle the question of ‘Where in the world would you like to travel or visit?’ is a natural for discussion. Or if you are doing a famous painting, like the Mona Lisa, the natural question is ‘What is art to you?’.

As Sherry Turkle, author of Alone Together: Why we expect more from technology and less from each other and Reclaiming Conversation: The power of talk in the digital age points out in Saving the Lost Art of Conversation (Atlantic Monthly, January 2014):

We’re talking all the time, in person as well as in texts, in e-mails, over the phone, on Facebook and Twitter. The world is more talkative now, in many ways, than it’s ever been. The problem is that all of this talk can come at the expense of conversation. We’re talking at each other rather than with each other.

Communication skills are a key to family flourishing. Why not also have a little fun while building them?

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The Wonder of Non-digital Social Interaction – The September Family Ritual (Oct 4, 2016)