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The Ride of a Lifetime (July 7, 2015)

I had a very unique experience on July 4th. I was asked to drive a 1940s vintage jeep at the head of a 4th of July parade as part of the VFW contingent. Riding with me was a 93 year old World War II veteran. As you might imagine the jeep was old and a little temperamental but it was able to complete the two mile route with no problems. What made this special was the interaction between the veteran and the crowd. As we crawled along people stood, clapped and said ‘Thank you!’ Others came up and shook his hand or took a picture. Parents coached little children to wave and say thank you. I slowed and often stopped so everyone who wanted to could get a few seconds to thank him. He looked at me at one point with tears in his eyes and said ‘This is awesome!’ I learned later that there were 20,000 people in attendance along the parade route.

The outpouring of gratitude was something to experience. If you have had a similar experience be sure to share it with your family. Even better look for an opportunity for them to experience it. Remembering that we really are one community and taking time to recognize the contributions of others to that community are important practices in most successful multigenerational families.



The Ride of a Lifetime (July 7, 2015)