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The Power of Small Decisions (May 23, 2016)

Progress toward and the ultimate achievement of goals don’t happen in one big step. It is an accumulation of the small, often daily, decisions we make. In a blog post Kate Masudaira, the creator of The Spark Notebook (, gives a great example:

“….And making good decisions is what leads to favorable outcomes.

Just think about it – you won’t gain 10 pounds if you eat that cookie. However, if you decide to eat the cookie every day you will eat an extra 200 calories per cookie, which over 365 days is 73,000 calories; which adds up to about 21 lbs per year!  All from a simple daily cookie.

And now if you walked an extra 1000 steps, which would burn 100 more calories you could lose 36,500 calories, or 10+ lbs in one year.  It is pretty amazing how these things that are easy to do can lead to such big results when compounded over time.

And this analogy can be applied to all your goals:

  • Reading 10 pages in a good book (reading all those books in a year  will make you smarter)
  • Putting a little extra into your savings account each paycheck
  • Skipping a meeting you don’t need to attend and working on something that matters instead
  • Spending 15 minutes on one of your goals instead of watching TV or playing video games

Success and failure don’t happen overnight. Those outcomes don’t even happen in a few days or a couple of weeks. Your success and failure is determined by your consistency. What you do day in and day out over the next year. It is the compounding of all the little things.”

The same principle holds true for cultivating a healthy family relationship with financial assets and their role within the family. Small daily actions and decisions will send and reinforce the messages we want the coming generations to hear. Actions of gratitude and appreciation and conversations around them will compound over time into a great result. For example, if you are in the drive thru line at the coffee shop, paying for the coffee of person behind you is a random act of kindness that can lead to powerful conversation with your child or children.

Look for small decision and learning opportunities daily and over the course of a year you will be surprised by the outcome.



The Power of Small Decisions (May 23, 2016)