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The Photographer’s Eye (July 28, 2015)

About two years ago I took up an old hobby; photography. Got a fancy DSLR which I spent months learning how to use. But, what I learned from a professional was that any camera will work well and what a good photographer has is the eye. The eye not only to create a great photograph with composition and light but to the eye to see. To actually see the world in all its glory.

Dewitt Jones, a leading National Geographic photographer, believes in using his art to “Celebrate What’s Right with the World!” In his own words:

Since its release in 2001, folks from around the world have wholeheartedly embraced my film, “Celebrate What’s Right with the World.” It’s simple, yet powerful message of looking at our world through a more positive ‘lens’ is a vision that guides and influences every day of my life, and I am humbled that it has resonated with so many others in the same way.

In 2012, I gave myself the challenge of finding and photographing something to celebrate every day, and then share those photos on Facebook. The response to my ‘Daily Celebrations’ has been incredible, but nothing compared to what happened when I invited the rest of the world to post their own photos of celebration (

Since 2013 more than 25,000 images have been posted by fellow Celebrators. Every day people from all over the globe are sharing images and stories of celebration; experiences that fill them with passion and gratitude.

The best part, is how often we hear that Celebrate What’s Right with the World has changed the way they look at their own world, and inspired them to fall in love with their lives all over again.

Who would have thought that a lesson I learned from being a photographer for the National Geographic could evolve into the makings of a movement? I’m humbled and over-joyed that it has, because there is far more right with the world than there is wrong with it. And when enough of us believe it, the world will be a very different place!

Notice the light at dusk or sunrise. The brightness of a really red, purple or yellow flower. Take time to walk slower and see the world. Ask yourself ‘What am I seeing?’

Now think about your family. Apply the photographer’s eye and celebrate what’s right.

You can see more of Dewitt’s images HERE.



The Photographer’s Eye (July 28, 2015)