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Ritually Starting the Engine (July 8, 2016)

How do you start your day? Quick, what is the one thing you do in the morning that signals to you that your day is now underway? It may not be the first or even the eighth thing but there generally is something we all view as the ignition for a meaningful day. This daily ‘cue’ can be very meaningful in having a truly meaningful day.

For me, it is a small writing exercise. My friend and colleague Kristin Keffeler ( gave me a small deck of action words for the ’30 from 3’ exercise. Each morning when I sit at my desk (before the email etc.) I draw three cards, each card containing just one action word, and then write an action statement of no more than 30 words containing all three words. The statement centers on how I want to influence the world through the work I’m going to attend to that day. Basically it is a ritual to ‘get my head on straight’ before I jump into any actual work.

Immediately starting on email is a problematic way to begin your day. You start off in a reactive state and it then becomes hard to shift course. If all of this sounds foreign to you try this. As a daily practice (I really hate the word habit!) for the next two weeks ask yourself this question before you begin whatever your work is or begin responding to noise from the outside world:

What do I want this day to mean to me?

I think you will surprise yourself. I hope so.



Ritually Starting the Engine (July 8, 2016)