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One (of often too many) of the Elephants in the Room

Most families (mine included) have topics or situations that everyone is aware of but no one wants to talk about. Even families with well-crafted and intentioned mission statements etc. can have what Roy Williams calls a ‘Culture of Hypocrisy’ of not wanting talk about things that might rock the boat.

My friend and colleague Tim Volk recently discussed his and his family’s journey around his life as a gay man in his paper A Surprising Source of Family Strength.  I believe his ideas are applicable to any family where valuing and honoring differences in family members has been a struggle. I can’t do the work justice with a quick summary but Tim’s final comment hits the mark.

And as a family member, learn to embrace the differences among us. Learn to respect each other for who we are, gay or straight. By opening our eyes to what’s really important, family unity and love, we can all truly learn to open our hearts. 

To read Tim Volk’s full article: A Surprising Source of Family Strength by Tim Volk 2.25.14



One (of often too many) of the Elephants in the Room