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Nothing is Easy & Nothing is Hard (May 23, 2017)

As I wrote about in February (What I would say to My 17-year-old Self) I was asked to give the commencement address at The Marine Military Academy this year.  I gave my talk on May 20th and really enjoyed the three days I got to spend with some remarkable young men. Preparing for it gave me a great opportunity to spend some meaningful reflection time on life lessons and what I have found to be important. I’ll be sharing some of these thoughts over the next few weeks. The first one sounds counter intuitive: Nothing in life is easy and nothing in life is hard. What this means is that everything just has component parts and steps.

Think about your daily life. There are probably dozens of examples of things you initially thought were ‘hard’ but now you view as ‘easy’. Driving a car, tying your shoes (my personal favorite!), using an iPhone, etc. are all made up of a series of steps and actions that lead to accomplishment. So instead of saying ‘this is hard’ try asking ‘what is the first step?’ and then move on to the next and the next and the next.

This way of thinking has enabled me to finish law school at night and write and publish a book, both of which a number of people have asked ‘Wasn’t that hard?’ to which I reply, ‘Not really, it was just a series of steps, taken one at a time.’

The danger in saying ‘this is hard’ is that you are very close, three letters in fact, from saying ‘This is too hard’ and quitting before you give yourself a chance.

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Nothing is Easy & Nothing is Hard (May 23, 2017)