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Notes from the Field: You Name This One (March 27, 2017)

Not having a name for this post actually sums it up pretty neatly! While at a conference I listened to Laura Turner Seydel (Ted Turner’s daughter) and her son, John, talk about their philanthropic activities through the Turner Foundation. The structure is very interesting. The Turner Foundation has a stated goal of ‘Protecting & Restoring the Natural World’ with sub categories of:

  • Safeguarding Habitat;
  • Sustainable Living;
  • Healthy Planet & Communities;
  • Growing the Movement; and
  • Community Youth Development.

Family members are free to find their own area of impact as long as it fits under this very broad vision. The foundation created a shared vision with plenty of room for autonomy and independent thoughtful impact. Aren’t these key characteristics that should be part of any rising generation development plan? What vision do you use for how your family wealth is deployed, both in terms of philanthropy and otherwise? How does this fit with your personal legacy as I described it last week?

So, the theme for this post is ‘Vision with Autonomy’. You get to call it what you like. I’d love to hear your ideas on a title.



Notes from the Field: You Name This One (March 27, 2017)