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Mindfully Leaving a Mark (January 28, 2015)

Investing and Investments are not often associated with ‘mindful activities’ or ‘mindfulness’. David Brooks takes a new look at this in his New York Times column ‘How to Leave a Mark‘. Impact investing brings together the investor and areas he or she would like to see impacted. As David says

“Impact investing is not socially responsible investing. Socially responsible investing means avoiding certain companies, like tobacco growers. Impact investors seek out companies that are intentionally designed both to make a profit and provide a measurable and accountable social good. Impact funds are frequently willing to accept lower financial returns for the sake of doing good — say a 7 percent annual return compared with an 11 percent return. But some impact investors are seeking to deliver market-rate returns.”

It is about being mindful. Take a minute and think about what would make you feel good to know you impacted. Then ask your advisor to help you get involved. As the article points out:

“…impact investing is now entering the mainstream. An older generation used their (rigorous) business mind in one setting and then their (often sloppy) charity mind in another. Today more people want to blend these minds. Typically a big client, or a young heir, will go to his or her investments adviser and say, “I want some socially useful investments in my portfolio.” If the adviser has nothing on offer, the client leaves the firm.”

You should find satisfaction from your investments beyond the rate of return. You should expect support from your advisors in being mindful. And, what wonderful modeling for your children and grandchildren when you bring mindfulness and impact to financial discussions.



Mindfully Leaving a Mark (January 28, 2015)