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How does Money Speak to You?

This month I’ve asked my friend and colleague Courtney Pullen ( to share a practice he uses in his work as a Family Wealth Consultant. Here is his idea on a practice to try for March:

I have been having a lot of fun over the last few years working with families identifying the nuances of their legacy, for example, what is the emotional legacy of the family?  Following is an exercise I have been using that has generated a lot of interest and follow up conversations.  This exercise is designed to get at a persons money messages.

Make sure and set some private time aside to respectfully engage with the exercise. Feel free to only focus on the questions that draw your attention.

  1. Pull out a pad of paper and write down the money messages of your childhood, for example money doesn’t grow on trees. Trust yourself and write down whatever comes to your mind.
  2. Now, go back over the list slowly and circle two or three that have caused you pain, e.g. do you think I’m made of money?  Write down how it has influenced you and your life.
  3. A legacy can take many forms; write down what money messages have you passed onto your children?  How has it impacted them?  Is there a new money message that you would like to convey?
  4. Lastly, is there a new money script you would you like to be living from?    Please write down the new money script.  In closing, either write down what it would look like to operate from the new script or envision what it would be like?

Planning Pointer: Rituals and Traditions are an important part of successful families. Call your favorite advisor for lunch or coffee. Talk about how to document some of your family traditions and be sure to include the Money Message conversation.



How does Money Speak to You?