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Family Habitudes (February 15, 2016)

On a plane flight last week I had the opportunity to talk with J. T. Thoms, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Growing Leaders ( ) , a non-profit organization focused on youth leadership development. They have developed a concept call Habitudes which uses images as reminders and reinforcers of the core values that are central to great leadership in families as well as business.

He explained Habitudes using the image of an iceberg as a representation of character:

The iceberg is a great picture of leadership because so much of our influence comes from qualities we can’t see on the outside. It’s stuff below the surface. I estimate 90% of our leadership is made up from our character. And, our character is the sum total of our:

  • Self-discipline (The ability to do what’s right even if you don’t feel like it)
  • Core values (Principles you live by that enable you to take a moral stand)
  • Sense of identity (A realistic self-image based on your gifts and personality) 
  • Emotional security (The capacity to be emotionally stable and consistent)

(If you want to see more about character you can see a sample of the Habitudes approach HERE.)

I’m sure many families have images that represent their most important values. An image, like the iceberg, can create a powerfully indelible reminder of the value. Imagine having your own family book, The Smith Family Habitudes, to share with children and grandchildren. Apple Photos, Shutterfly and Costco Photo (I’ve put books together in all three) are fun ways to create just such a family treasure.

I’ll be sharing additional resources around Family Habitudes in the near future.



Family Habitudes (February 15, 2016)