At the Alchemia Group we are helping our clients think & act differently in regards to their wealth and its impact on thier family - because we know it is more than just numbers and plans, it's the Balance of Art & Science with Pragmatism and Vision.

Creating Vision for 2016; January 22, 2016

As 2016 is now three weeks old (and most of 2015 has been cleared away) I’m finding more time to think about the coming eleven months. I’ve had a number of interesting conversations around two questions:

  • What are five things you want to be proud of in the future?; and
  • What will be happening in your life in five (or ten) years? What won’t be happening?

Answering these questions can help you set the tone for 2016. In terms of your family wealth plan, does your current plan support these or sabotage them? If the answer is ‘sabotage’ or ‘I’m not sure’ it may be time for a review.



Creating Vision for 2016; January 22, 2016