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As a Pilot Sees the World (April 5, 2016)

A friend sent me a LINK to this set of stunning photographs taken from a pilot’s viewpoint.  How we interpret what we see is based on our perspective. The pilot has the opportunity to look at the world from a unique perspective, above it. When the pilot is on the ground she brings the view from the above perspective to seeing the same city at eye level.

Good photographers will shoot the same scene or subject from multiple perspectives. They are seeking to really ’see’ their subject from all angles. The same can be said for issues arising in families. Before making a conclusion about a situation or another person’s actions, ask yourself ‘Are their other perspectives I should consider?’ and ‘Have I looked at this from both the ’top down’ and ‘bottom up’ views?

Gaining understanding about multiple perspectives can be particularly helpful when addressing questions of entitlement, appreciation and gratitude. As I’ve written about before, my colleague Jim Grubman uses the analogy of natives of and immigrants to The Land of Wealth to discuss the differing perspectives of those who have worked to achieve wealth and those who were born into wealth. Gaining understanding of both views can help a family have more positive interactions with financial assets, increase appreciation and reduce the culture of entitlement. Once the various perspectives on family and wealth have been identified new family practices, designed to broaden everyone’s perspective, can be instituted.

You can see a little more about this in my paper Preparing Heirs Through Experiential Learning found HERE.



As a Pilot Sees the World (April 5, 2016)