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A Business’ Real Social Capital

A friend of mine, Tony Rose, has a book coming out later this year. In it he describes a business’ Social Capital as the relationships the business maintains with the bigger world. I got to see an example of rich business social capital first hand.

I was flying home from a conference on Frontier Airlines. Across the aisle from me was a young Mom and her 3 or 4-year-old daughter. The little girl was very well-behaved and flew most of the trip contentedly sitting in her Mom’s lap. As we got close to landing the flight attendant asked the Mom to buckle her daughter into her own seat. The little girl didn’t want to leave her Mom’s lap. The flight attendant handled it wonderfully. She told the little girl how proud the crew would be of her for being buckled in for safety and that she, the flight attendant, was sure the captain would give her a high-five on her way out as a thank you. Wide eyed the little girl quickly got in her own seat and insisted on buckling herself in with no help. Everyone near her, including me, couldn’t help but smile. On the way off the plane Mom and daughter were in front of me and sure enough, the captain bent down and gave her a high-five and a thank you for helping him land safely. Again, smiles all around from those of us nearby.

In that space of 15 to 20 minutes Frontier built up their social capital with me and at least the other nine or so passengers who witnessed the exchange. Business flying is not a lot of fun these days and an airline that can make you smile is one I want to patronize. No amount of charitable donations, advertising or colorfully painted planes can buy the social capital one really human interaction does.

Think about that for your own business or, for that matter, your family and its social capital.



A Business’ Real Social Capital